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Speed Dial! Make your phone call by pressing three keys only!

Speed Dial with "Cardinal" card.

You can save up to 8 phone numbers in your speed dial book. The speed dial keys go from 2 to 9. When you place a call, our system prompts you to "enter the phone number you wish to dial". You just press the appropriate speed dial key followed by the pound sign (#) and your call goes through. No long numbers to enter any more!

If you set a speed dial for our access number on your phone machine, you have to press three keys only to complete a dial - as easy as "1-2#"! That's it!

For example, you can set your parents' phone number as speed dial key 2 and your friend's number as key 3. After dialing the access number from your phone, you will press 2 then # to reach your parents, or press 3# to reach your friend. Nothing could be easier!

Speed Dial with "EuroMaster" card.

Speed Dial set up Instructions:
  1. Dial the access number, wait for prompt.
  2. Enter PIN number, wait for prompt.
  3. Dial: "#" "2" "#" [a speed dial number: 1-9] "#" [destination number] "#". The system will confirm the number.
Example: [#] [2] [#] [5] [#] [011-888-88-88-88-88] [#]
Use Speed Dial:
  1. Dial the access number, wait for prompt.
  2. Enter PIN number, wait for prompt.
  3. Dial: [speed dial key (1-9)] "#"

Speed Dial from cell phone

Use our Refillable phone cards to save your time and simplify the dialing process.
No PIN to remember! No Access Number to Dial!

Just register your cell phone number with the card and set up Speed Dial feature for dialing the Access Number and destination number*:

  • Register your 10 digits US or Canada cell phone number with the card
  • Program the Access Number into your Speed Dial key 1
  • Program the number you wish to call into your Speed Dial key 2*

  • Dial speed key 1, wait for a prompt to enter destination number**
  • Dial speed key 2 for destination number(if this feature is available from your phone) or enter destination number.


  • * May not be available from every cell phone
  • ** Some phones require star "*" key after dialing Access Number or speed key 1 to prevent 3-way calling
  • PIN Free Access may not work outside US and Canada
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